Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fall with Friends

Well...I noticed that the last time I posted was last May which is sad but not suprising. Daniel and I are doing very well but between work and school I just don't make my internet time much of a priority. This summer we celebrated our 5th anniversary in Hawaii. It was so much fun and quite surreal. It was my intent to post pictures but at this point the moment has come and gone. I also feel that all of our house guests have suffered enough with the MPix photo book viewing, complete with panaromic pictures. Yes, we are those people.

We have had a wonderful fall and are thankful to have gotten to spend a weekend in October with our closest friends, The Hays, Normans and Cates, in the retirement community of Granberry. We filled the weekend with enough activites for an entire week of enjoyment. We ate ALOT, played a number of games including the Newly Wed game, Outburst and toss with household objects (This involves throwing a frisbie, football, kitchen trashcan and roll of small paper all at once. Words cannot describe how fun this was!), watched a subpar comedy play about Licoln's assasination that was really entertaining and went roller skating (roller skating was complete with squat races, couples skate, frozen pickle juice and suicides). It was a weekend full of laughter that I hadn't had in months. I cried and almost wet myself multiple times. I am so thankful for friends that remind me what it means to relax, have fun and enjoy the simple things in life!

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