Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life in West Texas!

Daniel and I are enjoying life out here in Lubbock. I have finished school giving me a lot of new free time on my hands. (Thus the blog!) Daniel is working and going to school, we couldn't be happier. The past few months our time has been pretty occupied with nephews. We have three nephews now, Jansen, Walker and Kason. Kason came onto the scene early this spring but has been doing really well! We get to see him and Jansen pretty often as they are right here in Lubbock with us. We are looking forward to the next couple summer months, hoping to get to spend more time together. We hope to discover new hobbies, visit family and friends, and babysit our nephews (of course).


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  2. Yay for blogs! I'm so glad you have one so hopefully we can keep up with each other more! I'll add you to my blog list now too! Can't wait to talk soon!

  3. So glad to see you started a blog! Hooray! :)