Monday, June 8, 2009

Celebrating summer!

Summer is officially here and we are enjoying it! The first weekend we had off Daniel spoiled me for my birthday (as he usually does) and took me out for dinner at a great steakhouse in town. I already have had a chance to babysit both nephews here in Lubbock, it is fun and helping me fill my time. I am finding it hard to transition from work and graduate school to well....absolutely nothing for my summer break. I am sure I will figure out new ways to filly my time soon, Daniel is hoping for some great cooking and I do plan to to try some new recipes!


  1. You should come visit me with your time off. I would even take a day or two off work for that!

    I lost my phone at the pool, but I'm getting a new one today so we can talk! Maybe you will have to call me or send me your number though bc I lost all of those!

    So glad you had a great birthday; how did we become 24?! Love you

  2. Glad to see ya'll are doing well. How is Buster? There is no info about him on your blog. I feel as though he should be included in the Simone Family Blog.

    Hey now that you have all this extra time... we can be friends again! I still have the same phone number...